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Patient Bill of Rights

ENDOSCOPY CENTER OF MONROE adopts and affirms as policy the following rights of patients who receive services from our facility.

This policy affords you, the patient, the right to:

  • Considerate and respectful care.
  • Receive, upon request, the name of the person in charge of your care. Credentialing information on your physician is also available upon request.
  • The name and function of any person providing services to you.
  • Obtain from the person responsible for your health care complete and current information concerning your diagnosis, treatment and expected outlook in terms you can be reasonably expected to understand. When it is not medically advisable to give such information to you, the information shall be made available to an appropriate person in your behalf.
  • Receive information necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any procedure and/or treatment, except for an emergency situation. This information shall include, as a minimum, an explanation of the specific procedure or treatment itself, its value and significant risks and an explanation of other consequences of our action.
  • Refuse treatment and to be informed of the medical or other consequences of your action.
  • Change physician if other qualified physicians are available.
  • Privacy to the extent consistent with adequate medical care. Case discussions, consultation, examination and treatment are confidential and should be conducted discreetly.
  • Privacy and confidentiality of all records pertaining to your treatment, except as otherwise provided by law or third party payment contract.
  • A reasonable response to your request for services customarily rendered by the facility and consistent with your treatment. A list of services is provided in the Endoscopy Center’s Brochure.
  • Expect reasonable continuity of care and to be informed, by the person responsible for your health care, of possible continuing health care requirements following discharge, if any.
  • The identity, upon request, of all health care personnel and health care institutions authorized to assist in your treatment.
  • Refuse to participate in research. Human experimentation affecting care or treatment shall be performed only with your informed consent.
  • Advanced Directives: The Endoscopy Center of Monroe does not honor Advanced Directives.
  • Upon request, examine and receive an itemized explanation of your bill, regardless of source of payment. Know the facility's rules and regulations that apply to your conduct as a patient.
  • Treatment without discrimination as to race, color, religion, sex national origin, source of payment, political belief or handicap.
  • Read the Privacy Notice for information on policies for expressing suggestions, grievances, and external appeals, as required by state andFederal law and regulations.
  • If having a procedure, you may choose any of the facilities in which your physician has staff privileges.


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